Turning big data into profit


Our advanced app offers a wide range of functionalities specifically adapted to the needs of the laying and meat industry.


A total solution for your pig farm. With our powerful app, you can conveniently manage all the data of your barn(s).


The FarmResult software is available for any business that depends on poultry or pig farming and wants to optimize the entire chain.

A complete solution for your business

We developed an innovative farm management app for the poultry and pig industry. We cooperate with all suppliers of farm automation systems ensuring a guaranteed seamless data collection. Then our system combines all the barn data into one powerful app. Self-learning algorithms help you make the best business decisions. The FarmResult barn management app is designed for the individual farmer or integrations.

Your benefits

Animal health

Medication and discharge registration, planning prevention tasks.

Feedstock management

Predictive feed management.

Feed profit calculation

The app automatically calculates the feed profit calculation.

Managing multiple houses

Manage multiple stalls easily and conveniently.


Compare previous pairs and equate industry standards.

Share data

Export data per e-mail or whatsapp


The results of using the FarmResult management app are impressive. Both poultry farmers in the laying and meat industry and pig farmers who have implemented the app, experiencing numerous benefits and positive results, including:

Improved productivity

Cost savings

Improved animal welfare

Enhanced decision-making

Bigger slice of the profit

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Everything you need

Push notificaties

Receive notifications of taking an early warning notifications

Graphic display

Rapport of performances displayed in graphs and tables

Planning tasks

Giving personnel tasks and scheduling preventive tasks

Comment/ Photo’s

Place comments and/or photos in the daily chart

Export data

Export the data to email or WhatsApp

Manual/ automatic input

We can interface with all existing barn systems but manual input is also possible